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I didn’t need to attempt to get sober by myself.
Drug Rehab Elgin has a really compassionate and educated staff. Even though group work was the part I disliked the most, I finally began to look forward to them. I didn’t want to share because I was ashamed and embarrassed of my actions while I was using. The counselors pushed me, and I listened to the other people's stories, and I eventually realized that everyone was in a similar position as me, so I didn’t need to attempt to get sober by myself.
, Elgin Feb 9, 2011

Drug Rehab Elgin will help you recover.
Drug Rehab Elgin has a really caring staff and they take responsibility for almost everything to get you into the treatment program, so you pretty much need to call and they handle it. I thought they were better than those large rehab facilities with tons of addicts, since you get to live in a really luxurious, comfortable house. It’s also easier to open up and be sincere, since there’s only like ten of you, plus staff, so you'll be able to actually get to trust your housemates. I actually liked staying at the house, and the food was actually good, too. Living there allows you to focus on your recovery process and never worry about every little thing. Including the office staff, therapists, and all your housemates, there are plenty of people at Drug Rehab Elgin who will help you recover.
, Elgin Apr 6, 2011

Drug Rehab Elgin gave me a second opportunity.
They give you lots of things that seem ineffective at first, however after a short time being sober you begin to realize why it’s all very important. I did this the first time I went to drug rehab and wasn’t successful in any respect; I began using again almost right away. Drug Rehab Elgin gave me a second opportunity, and once I began to do things their way, all the things they promised would happen, did. To achieve success you need to go in completely open minded and humble, abandon the 'big man’ attitude and glorification of what you’ve done at the door.
, Elgin Aug 30, 2011

Drug Rehab Elgin is simply amazing.
Everyone, from the office staff to the advisors, at Drug Rehab Elgin is simply amazing. They're very good at helping you recognize your triggers, and they teach you how you can keep away from the emotional situations that make you want to ‘escape’. Rehab is a problem, and like every other problem you'll only get out what you put into it. Rehab provides you the chance to end the self-destruction! If you don’t go to rehab it's just about a promise that you'll continue to abuse drugs or alcohol, getting nowhere in life aside from maybe prison.
, Elgin Aug 9, 2011

They offer you each advantage to get clean.
They offer you each advantage to get clean, educate you, and help you, so should you not quit using then it wasn’t the program that didn’t work - you didn’t work the program. Learning to accept change and advice is essential, as well as learning to be sincere with yourself and others. Rehab isn’t the place for your ego, and you must be ready to be humble there. It was most essential for me to get my parents and children back, and Drug Rehab Elgin has weekly family visitation and education where they'll learn about dependency and how they can support addicts in recovery.
, Elgin May 8, 2012

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